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Chowgirls loves catering events and we also love the connections we build with you, our clients. As a boutique company focused on providing the highest level of service, we do reach capacity on some dates. If you ever inquire about a date and it’s not available, please don’t be discouraged! We are likely open on another day, and may even be able to accommodate yours if our schedule changes. Remember when inquiring with Chowgirls, book early, book often! Thank you!

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We believe in beautiful, handcrafted, and authentic fare. Our food focuses on fresh ingredients from our partner vendors and local farmers, reflecting the tastes of the season and staying true to our values, resources, and Midwest regional roots. Our commitment to seasonality, resourcefulness, and old-world cooking creates the best dishes and dining experience for our clients. To quote a happy customer, “it’s not just good catered food, it’s good food food.”