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Hand-Crafted Cocktails

Our bartending staff has been extensively trained on the theories of cocktail creation, new innovative techniques and the wealth of seasonal ingredients available to us here in Minnesota, to create one-of-a-kind signature concoctions that wow your guests and infuse your event with the spirit of any season.

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Photo by Studio Laguna

Vodka, elderflower liqueur, Retsina Greek white wine, house-made almond orgeat. lemon juice, and club soda, served on the rocks

Bubbly, gin, orange bitters, and a lemon twist, served ice cold in a champagne flute

Dark Jamaican rum, Velvet Falernum lime liqueur, blackstrap molasses, and Angostura bitters, shaken and served on the rocks

Bubbly with hibiscus simple syrup and orange bitters, served ice cold

Bourbon, and Peychaud’s bitters from Louisiana, served over a customized ice block

British gin, American whiskey, Fernet Branca herbal liqueur, and cherry bark vanilla bitters, stirred and served on the rocks with an orange peel

A classic blanco tequila margarita, enhanced by our house-made rose simple syrup, and finished with rose water, served on the rocks in a stemless wine glass

Whiskey, applewood-smoked dermerara sugar, Angostura bitters, and Cynar artichoke liqueur, garnished with orange zest and served on the rocks

Cognac, house-made almond orgeat, and Angostura bitters, served ice-cold in a coupe glass

Brandy, Yellow Chartreuse, house-made ginger syrup, and lime with a splash of club soda, shaken and served over ice

3 types of rum, house-made almond orgeat, and lime juice, served on the rocks with fresh mint garnish

Gin or vodka, lime juice, lemon juice, fresh mint, local honey, and club soda, served over ice in a Collins glass

A sweet tea punch made with Kentucky bourbon, fresh mint, and lemon juice, served in a Collins glass

Tequila, homegrown rhubarb syrup, and lime juice, shaken and served over ice

Pimm’s No. 1, lemon, and cucumber, with a splash of club soda, served on the rocks

White rum, strawberry simple syrup, and lime juice, shaken, strained, and served ice-cold with a dash of house-made basil oil in a coupe glass

Vodka or gin, crème de cassis, thyme-infused simple syrup, a dash of lemon and club soda, garnished with a sprig of fresh thyme

White wine, brandy, and seasonal fruit, served as a punch or in a wine glass

Local apple cider, hard pear cider, and whiskey, served on the rocks with an apple slice

Gin, pear liqueur, fresh-juiced fennel, and pear, with a splash of club soda

Rum, gin or vodka, and preserved fruit & vinegar syrup, served on the rocks with club soda in a Collins glass

Red wine, sparkling cherry cider, and seasonal fruit, served as a punch or ice-cold in a wine glass

Warm mulled red wine in the Swedish tradition, with a touch of brandy, dates, almonds, and cardamom

Whiskey, mulled black tea, local honey, and clove-studded oranges, served hot in a glass mug

Kentucky bourbon, local organic eggs and cream, and a touch of brandy, whipped smooth and served ice cold in a glass mug

Gin, Meyer lemon juice, and local maple-sage syrup, shaken over ice, strained, and served in a coupe glass